Mentoring Network

EACLALS wants to encourage exchange and collaborations between its members beyond the context of conferences and assist PhD candidates and postdoc scholars in establishing contacts with specialists in their field of research.

We have therefore been collecting the information supplied by individual members about their research interests with the aim to build a mentoring network that

• provides a framework for establishing first contacts,
• channels details about ongoing research activities to mentors and mentees and
• assists colleagues willing to act as mentors in inviting mentees to their institution.

EACLALS offers to contribute up to 500 Euros to each of the first three trips arranged for a mentee within the mentoring network as well as fee waivers for the next EACLALS triennial to those three members most active as mentors within the network.

If you are a young researcher, please give the title of your research project, your affiliation and the name of your supervisor.

If you are a supervisor of one or more research projects, please list your field of specialisation.

We warmly invite colleagues wishing to participate in the mentoring network to contact us at