(E)ACLALS Conference Archive

Upcoming EACLALS Triennial Conference: 3-7 April, 2017, University of Oviedo

Performing the Urban: Embodiments, Inventories, Rhythms

The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2017, the year we convene for the next EACLALS Conference, the majority of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. The rapid and continued growth of cities has intensified academic interest in the urban, as material reality and as imaginary or symbolic construction. A postcolonial perspective on the theory and practice of the urban expands Eurocentric notions to include different ways of inhabiting, performing or embodying a variety of cities, while dissecting neo-colonial and decolonial gestures of urbanization. In a globalised world in which the network economy appears to be intrinsically
connected to the urban, postcolonial studies also invite us to decentre this dominant narrative by examining the margins and limits of the urban, or indeed non-urban spaces in which other ways of being and dwelling exist or may emerge. The conference will focus on urban performances and the performance of the urban, on their embodied practices, inventories and rhythms.

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