EACLALS 2021 Conference

June 28-30, 2021, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales (Online)

You’ll find the programme, keynotes and online connection information online at: https://www.eaclals2021.wales/

EACLALS 2021 is on its way!

March 2021

We are delighted to announce that the postponed 2020 conference has been resurrected as EACLALS 2021 and will be held online between June 28th and the 30th.  Though online, it promises to be exciting and, with your presentations, a thought-provoking one.  

We have held on to all your proposals and would like to assure you all that our previous acceptance of them still holds for the 2021 conference.    

In the first instance, can you please email us at eaclals2021@cardiff.ac.uk by March 31st to confirm you intend to be presenting at this conference and, if this is the case, to send us your updated proposal.  

There will also be a chance for submitting new proposals for papers and panels subject to the availability of space. The deadline will still be the same: 31 March 2021.  

The details of the conference are on the dedicated website www.eaclals2020.wales   (we are trying to change the web address to eaclals2021 but it hasn’t happened yet).    

Given the unusual circumstances in which we are holding the conference, and considering the difficulties faced in the past year by many members and presenters, together with the Board, we have decided that no registration fee should be charged for the conference. Your attendance will be granted by the renewal of your membership for 2021 (to be paid as usual into the EACLALS account www.eaclals.eu)  

in order to gain access to the online event, you will need to be formally registered. Information about procedures on how to do this will be available on the conference website soon, as well as on the EACLALS website.     

We are excited to be resuming this conference and hope to see plenty of you there.     

With our best wishes,   

Best wishes,

Radhika and Luisa

Cardiff University